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Posted on Vacations should be fun and relaxing, but we always find packing for said vacation to be a stressful chore! In order to make the process go more smoothly, we have compiled our list of beach vacation.

Cocktail of the Month

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Let's get fruity!

Posted on Fruit: a fresh and fun alternative to your typical spring florals. Wear it and sip it this spring season.   Our favorite part of isolated trends is that you can own them and really express the.


Posted on Pastels made a splash on the runways for the Spring/Summer 2019 trends, especially LAVENDER/LILAC. A cool hue that works well with shades of yellow (another trending color) as well as neutrals and.

Meet Julep + mother daughter duo: Corinn and Barbara

Posted on Meet Julep, the boutique infamously known for its kelly green doors and two owners, Corinn and Barbara.   We want you to get an inside look of Julep so I conducted an interview with the mother.

Valentine's Day: a LOVE/HATE Relationship

Posted on Valentine's Day: some people love it, some dread it, and some are indifferent. I don't mind the holiday especially since i'm not one to turn down an opportunity to celebrate and dress up! The past.

Closet Clean-out:  A Fresh Start for 2019

Posted on How often do you walk into your closet and have the irrational “I have nothing to wear” thought? Or, just feel overwhelmed in general when deciding what to wear that day? The reality is that most of.

Sample - How To Post

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