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How often do you walk into your closet and have the irrational “I have nothing to wear” thought? Or, just feel overwhelmed in general when deciding what to wear that day? The reality is that most of us have dream worthy closets full of endless outfit options, but we get lost in the clutter of an overcrowded space full of unworn items. The resolution to your personal style blues is a thorough closet clean-out!



If you are a clothing hoarder, this can be a daunting task, but trust us when we say the separation anxiety will pass! It is extremely refreshing to drop off an entire trash bag full of gently worn items at Goodwill or consign a number of pieces that you feel someone else would benefit from. Here are some simple tips to help make your closet clean-out easy and most effective:

  1. Start by making 4 piles – Goodwill, Consign, Garbage, Costume
    1. Gently worn items go to Goodwill
    2. Pricier items that were more of an investment should be consigned (think trendy items that you wore once and can’t imagine wearing again)
    3. Items that are badly stained, have holes, heavy pilling, falling apart, stretched out, etc., just pitch out!
    4. Those miscellaneous, odd-ball items that could be part of a great costume


  1. Once you are finished sorting, go ahead and toss the Garbage items. Bag up Goodwill and Consignment items separately *Fold consignment items neatly or keep on hangers so they are presentable and not wrinkled when you take them to consignment shop*


  1. Make a designated place in your closet for the costume items like the far back corner that you don’t need to access all that often. A bin or basket for accessories, masks, hats, etc. is great for keeping all of those small costume items together and organized.


  1. Next, color coordinate your closet! This might seem a bit OCD, but it really does provide a great visual of your wardrobe. After doing so, you might realize that ¾ of your closet is black, grey, tan, navy and white and you could use some color. Plus, it makes finding items that much easier when they are stashed with the appropriate color family.


A thorough closet clean-out once every year or two is the best way to take inventory of what you have and see what your wardrobe might be lacking. So kick off the year with a clean, decluttered, and organized closet and make 2019 your most stylish year yet!