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Valentine's Day: some people love it, some dread it, and some are indifferent. I don't mind the holiday especially since i'm not one to turn down an opportunity to celebrate and dress up! The past few years regardless of having a significant other, I spent Valentine's Day (evening) with my sister and it definitely did not disappoint. Last year we decided to dress up and treat ourselves to dinner and drinks at Hall's Chophouse. We continued our night with a bike taxi ride to Peninsula Grill for their infamous decadent coconut cake and a nightcap (glass of Veuve bubbly!) I'm sure we would have had just as much fun staying in with take out, Bridesmaids, and a bottle of wine! Case in point, there shouldn't be any hard feelings or pressure towards such a silly holiday. Whether you have someone special to celebrate with or not, make the most of it in whatever fashion you see fit.

If you do have a special date night with your loved one, take the opportunity to get a fresh new outfit! Click on the photos below for pricing and sizing information.


If you do not have a date night planned, there is nothing wrong with getting a group of your girlfriends together for a night out on the town. Better yet, stay in with your favorite bottle of wine and a good chick flick or binge-worthy series. Below are our suggestions for making this Valentine's Day unforgettable (in a good way). 

Best bottle of inexpensive red for staying in: 19 Crimes Red Blend ($8.99 at Trader Joes)

Best bar for a "Galentines" night out: Camellias (Charleston's new pink champagne bar)

Best restaurant for an intimate and romantic evening: Fulton Five (cozy and delicious Italian restaurant)

Best place for dessert and a nightcap: Peninsula Grill (the coconut cake will NOT disappoint) 

Best series to stay in and binge watch: The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel (you won't be able to not laugh)

Comment below with your recommendations/favorites! Happy Valentine's Day